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Mount Pleasant Advanced Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy as a Multifaceted Approach:
Our physiotherapists deliver fast and effective rehabilitation through targeted therapeutic exercise programs, manual therapy techniques, patient education as well as other techniques for many common conditions including:

Physiotherapy: Common Conditions

Back and Neck Pain
Spine and Joint Conditions
Sports and Activity Related Injuries
Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Sprains, Strains and Tendinopathy
The team at Mount Pleasant Advanced Physiotherapy is a group of experienced registered physiotherapists who provide a wide range of treatments to our patients.
Our Physiotherapy aims to treat physical conditions that cause you pain and discomfort or limitations to your mobility and lifestyle, so you can maximize your quality of life.

For your initial visit:

On your initial visit, the physiotherapist will make a clinical diagnosis by performing a thorough assessment of the problem followed by a physical examination. After the diagnosis, the physiotherapist will prepare and discuss a suitable treatment plan based on her professional judgement as well as advise you on the estimated recovery time and self management for a quick and easy return to an optimal lifestyle.

At Mount Pleasant Advanced Physiotherapy, we aim to keep your visits to a minimum whilst assisting in the rehabilitation and self help advice.

"Education and advice on how to manage the condition are fundamental to successful treatment"

What can you expect?

-Relaxing Atmosphere
-Insurance Accepted
-Convenient Location
-Affordable & Competitive Pricing
-Free Parking
-Caring and Understanding Professionals
-Direct Billing

What types of Physiotherapy Modalities do we have?

Ultrasound – used for swelling control and tissue healing.
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) – used for relief of pain and spasm.
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) – used for strengthening very weak muscles.
IFC (Interferential Current) – used for control of pain and swelling.
Heat/Ice – used to control pain, swelling and spasm, and to speed tissue healing.
Low Level Laser Therapy - used to speed tissue healing and treat pain.

We care about you!

Physiotherapy not working for you?
You do not have to worry about paying more, its easy to switch over to our other services.
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