Utilizing custom made products to help you recover.

Our therapists in Brampton deliver fast and effective care through targeted therapeutic programs, manual therapy techniques, patient education and with the use of specialized custom products just for you. As part of our Therapists’ Three Rs Of Treatment, Reinforce involves the idea of making use of custom therapeutic products such as Orthotics, stockings, braces and more to prevent recurrences and help healing of many conditions. At Mount Pleasant Advanced Physiotherapy, we only recommend you the use of these therapeutic products and they are not mandatory. However, many of our clients have experienced better healing and lower recurrences with products that help support their body.

If you need any expert advice about what product is the best option for you, you can contact us for a free consultation and ask one of our therapists or simply book an appointment to discuss.

Did You Know?

Most of our products might be covered under your extended healthcare benefits. Check with your primary insurance provider to see if they require us to send them a quote first and we will gladly take care of all the paperwork!

Homeopathic Products

We also offer Homeopathic Products from Canadian and German companies. Recognized brands like Dr. Reckeweg, SBL Homeocan and more!

Our Product Categories

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Custom Foot Orthoses

We provide custom foot orthotics for many conditions ranging from pediatric to geriatric. Visit our Custom Orthotics page for more information.

Custom Fit Braces

Custom fit braces in many sizes for the wrist, elbow, knees and ankle. Our high-quality brands include Bauerfeind, Ottobock and PSB. Check out our braces below.

Compression Stockings

We provide compression stockings from Venosan, and Sigvaris. You can customize your stocking height, material, and feel however you like. Visit us in-person to browse our vast catalog.

Custom Orthopedic Shoes

We provide custom orthopedic shoes to help accommodate foot deformities that normal shoes cannot. Often they have low fashion appeal, but nevertheless most of them look like a normal shoe. Visit us in-person to browse our catalog.

Other Products

We offer products for strength training like TheraBands, strengthening balls, shoe inserts, toe spacers and toe sleeves, posture related products, pillows, and essential oils.

Homeopathic Remedies

We provide a wide range of homeopathic medicines with differing potencies from 30c to Mother Tincture. Check out some of our products below. Contact us if your product is not list as we may still have it.

Details About Pricing & Products

Visit us in-person to browse our catalogues, inquire about product pricing and availability.

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